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Our Story

My name is Mike Park, and I am the owner of Park Place Plumbing.

After working as a plumber all over the US, I made the decision to put down roots in Portland to be closer to my family. I have fallen in love with this area and plan to stay; for an outdoorsman, it is the best place to be.

I’ve learned a lot throughout my long history of working with plumbing companies. Some of what I learned was good, while some of it was not. I’ve made it my goal to put those experiences to use.

Keeping only the best ideas and doing away with the rest, I opened my own company. Park Place Plumbing is committed to offering you highly skilled service and excellent customer service. It’s what I like to call Top Hat Service.

One of my biggest frustrations with past employers was a lack of training at work. That is why I am committed to continuing education and training for myself and my employees. As we grow, I intend to include new, young plumbers on our team and offer them on-the-job training and support as they start their careers. I look forward to training the next generation of plumbers in the skills and the attitude it takes to be the best in the industry. It’s just one way Park Place Plumbing is investing in our community.

My experience has been very diverse.  Over the years I have worked on commercial construction sites, residential remodels, industrial agriculture plants and more. I found my favorite place in the industry is doing residential service plumbing. I love troubleshooting and problem solving. The smile on a client’s face when you have solved their problem is priceless.

No one likes plumbing problems! Let Park Place Plumbing solve yours with Portland’s Top Hat Service.

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